There are 'selfies' and then there are deJetleyMarks selfies! Not having an official photographer at my own wedding on Saturday meant that my brand new Hahnel capture wireless remote control came in very handy when I wanted to photograph my amazingly beautiful bride and me together!

Shropshire's Official Restaurant Photographer?

Over the last few years I've photographed the venue and/or food at most of the restaurants in and around Shrewsbury, including Drapers Hall Restaurant, The Lion + Pheasant, The Boat House, Cromwells, The Lion Hotel, The Smoke House, La Dolce Vita, Camellias, The Hayward Restaurant, The Prince Rupert Hotel, House of the Rising Sun, Henry Tudor House, The Masala, Barkworths Seafood, The Royalist, and The Pound at Leebotwood to name a few and it's always rewarding to see my photographs all over the place on web sites and publications! Today I've been commissioned to photograph The Loopy Shrew and Porter House restaurants. Beginning to think that I've unwittingly become Shrewsbury's and Shropshire's official restaurant photographer! Loving it! :-)

New Hosting Company

I've been having an undiagnosed problem with images refreshing on my website for ages. Neither the hosting company or the CMS software company could solve it - so I moved my site to the best web hosting company I've ever found - Nethosted (they host all my other sites). The boys there were amazing helping me move the site across (at about 11 o'clock at night!) and now the site works perfectly! Can't recommend them highly enough!

An emotional experience

I photographed a funeral at the request of a family for the first time this week. It was a difficult and emotional task, balancing my natural instinct to want to catch powerful imagery, with making the photographs sensitive, respectful and un-intrusive.

Having processed the photographs I feel that it is probably some of my best work. I have to create an album now which I hope will not only capture the emotional nature of the day, but also the celebration of a fantastic life lived to the full, and the strength of family bonds at a special time. 

Never work with animals?

They say "Never work with animals". I say "Why ever not?".

Had a terrific shoot today at the studio with Amazing Grace, winner in two consecutive years of "Superdogs Live" even though she is still not even three years old! You can see her facebook page here

She was there to be photographed for a press shot with her prize of one years supply of Eukanuba dog food, which she promptly donated, in its entirety, to a local dog rescue centre! How lovely is that?

Anyway, couldn't miss the opportunity to let Gromit fraternise and get photographed with a superstar!

Personal Photographs

Sometimes, an opportunity arrives at home that just makes me grab for a camera, any camera, to catch a moment. No time to adjust the light, change the lens, select the best settings, or properly compose the image - it really is just point and shoot photography! This particular example happened last night when Gromit, Grace and Bunny were having an intimate moment together!